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Walk into our living three-dimensional world and be the main actor of our fantasy stories!


3D Doubt Your Eyes exhibition combines 3D hand-paintings and illusion scenes. This is a fully interactive exhibition with up to 30 interactive points. It is artistic, educational and entertaining.


In 3D Doubt Your Eyes, children, teenagers, adults and seniors can easily be part of this exciting experience by stepping into the scenes and strike poses for their cameras. In 3D Doubt Your Eyes' world, each scene brings different stories: you "communicate" with the artwork and become the most important role in a fantasy world. Be creative and interactive, become the director and main character of this amazing voyage as well as part of the artwork itself.

Fighting with dinosaurs, walking on the moon, modifying Mona Lisa's make-up, a little boy becomes a giant, turning into a Ninja Warrior...

3D Doubt Your Eyes is a true "Instagram paradise", the photos from this experience will look so real you'll feel as if living in a magic world.

Suggestions to visitors:

1. Better bringing at least two friends with you, to take photos of each other. Some scenes require 2-3 people to interact.

2. Be sure all your mobiles are fully charged with enough storage.

3. Be creative and just act madly!

4. Don't forget to share your photos with us.

take a photo 2.jpg
  • Space required: 300-600sqmt

  • 1 x 40ft container (or 1 truck if within the EU)

  • Load-in: 4 days

  • Load-out: 3 days

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