produced by World Touring Exhibitions

A brand new science exhibition with already an amazing record: over 100,000 tickets sold in Rome.

Produced by World Touring Exhibitions in collaboration with a team of scientists, physicists, geologists and astronomers, Interactive Science combines both knowledge and fun challenges with over 25 interactive machines to experience and play with science (the description panels and theories have been supervised by members of the Manchester University and Imperial College London).

Fully interactive, innovative, fun, educational and entertaining, it suits adults, students, children and families of any age.


How the bones work, how fast your brain reacts, how to make an instrument sound without strings, how to interact with electrical lights by your hand's movement and to create electricity...


Would you like to test your body balance? Do you want to test your memory? Do you want to see yourself in the mirror exchanging faces with your friends? Do you want to experience an earthquake and tornadoes without been hurt? Do you want to be invisible?

Come to experience science, maths, physics, natural disasters, nature, solar energy, biology, music, and more while having fun at Interactive Science exhibition.

  • Space required: 300sqmt -500sqmt

  • 3 x 40ft HC or 3 trucks

  • Load-in: 5 days

  • Load-out: 3 days